Recently, the marketplace of the Middle East is far from quiet. The economy of the area is booming and sees a higher than ever growth rate in its history due to some reasons. First and foremost, many investors from the countries of the Middle East who turned to the West for profitable opportunities for investment have come back to their own home countries after failures in the Western countries with the hope of finding a lucrative domestic market for investment.

Second, after the bubble burst in the .com industry many western capitals have been looking for a brand new and potential field to invest in. Having this in mind, the Middle East seems to be a good alternative for them. Third, the governments of most countries in the Middle East are now embracing a much more liberal financial policy than they did years ago. In fact, according to numerous reports those countries are trying actively to extend their market around the world. Last but not least, in the last couple of years they have been providing investors a friendly environment with low interest rates, and thus further stimulate the market to take off rapidly.

Thanks to those reasons mentioned above, the Middle East has successfully drawn the attention of tens of thousands of companies. Judging from all directions, it's a market of great potential waiting to be explored more thoroughly. Comparing it with other international marketplaces for investment, we can easily reach a conclusion that investing in this area would probably see a higher return than betting on its counterparts around the world.

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